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The purpose of this month's document is to disseminate the fund of the Capitular Archive of Mallorca through the digital exhibition of representative pieces.

The Chapter Archive of Mallorca preserves the documentary traces of the activities of the Cathedral from the origins to the present, not only those of a religious nature but also everything related to the general management of the temple. The Chapter Archive of Mallorca's mission is to collect, preserve and disseminate the documentary heritage of the Cathedral of Mallorca, understood as such, all documentation, current or historical, in any type of support, produced or received by the Cabildo in the exercise of its functions.

The selection of the document of the month is done taking into account the historical content of the document, its state of conservation, its physical singularities or its support.


Documents of the month: 
Year 2018- January document

Year 2018- February document

Year 2018 - March document
Year 2018 - April document
Year 2018 - May document
Year 2018 - June document
Year 2018 - July document
Year 2018 - August document
Year 2018 - September document
Year 2018 - October document
Year 2018 - November document
Year 2018 - December document
Year 2019 - January document

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