"Without solidarity there will be no peace", by Joan Bestard

Mar 15 2017
"Without solidarity there will be no peace", by Joan Bestard



Without solidarity there will be no peace


Joan Bestard /09.03.2017


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Without solidarity to resolutely resolve the material, human and cultural problems of the impoverished peoples of the earth, the abyss between the North-rich and the South-miserable will be enlarged and violence will become inevitable.

World peace can only be a reality if the developed peoples know how to help the poor people intelligently and generously, and they know how to take advantage of this help.

There will only be peace among all the peoples of the world when there is bread of wheat, bread of culture, bread of communication, bread, in short, solidarity.

Let us be in solidarity with the misfortune of others. John Steinbeck writes: "It is curious, how far is a misfortune when it does not affect us directly!" And Heinrich Heine says: "Only the own pain makes the tears to jump".

This is the human being: when something does not affect him directly, he falls far away. Every day we hear of accidents, natural catastrophes, deaths ... and if they do not directly affect us, they leave us indifferent.

It is true that this, in part, is explicable, because if the misfortunes of others affected us just like our own we would plunge into despondency and we would almost go insane. But we are also in danger of becoming numb and living in our selfishness.


Article (363) of the column "Ethical point" published in the newspaper "Last Hour" on March 9, 2017, Thursday, p. 36.