Organization chart

On November 4 of last year 2017, the Council of Canons approved, as a general objective for this four-year period, to provide the Seo with a new model of internal organization, based on its double function of evangelization and historical transmission of Christian cultural values .

To this end, last February a specialized company was commissioned to analyze the management of the Cathedral so that it could provide the Cabildo with the objective data necessary to achieve that goal.

The results of this analysis are summarized in the following points:

1.- The Cabildo is the unique institutional subject that carries out the direction of the management of the Seo, which delegates to the Dean President the operative and representative function.

2.- A new organization chart, at the service of the nature of the Cathedral as a Catholic temple for the celebration of the Faith and Evangelization and, at the same time, as a vehicle for the social transmission of Christian culture through the monumental heritage, protected since 1931 as an Asset of Cultural Interest. Two departments constitute, then, the functional core of the new organization chart: the Department of Evangelization, Celebration and Faith and the Department of Culture, Heritage, Museums and Archive, cultural and historical expression of the Faith. These departments are constituted by different areas, responsible for each of which are as many canons, as indicated by the Statutes of the Cabildo.

3.- Coordinate the technical management of the Department of Evangelization, Celebration and Faith Mr. Antoni Ximenis Palmer, sexton mayor of La Seo. And it will be the scientific-technical coordinator of the Department of Culture, Heritage, Museums and Archive, Mrs. Mercè Gambús Saiz (PhD in History of Art, graduate in Law, professor of Art History of the UIB and principal investigator of the Group of Research CPAR-UIB).

4.- In order to achieve greater efficiency in the coordination, control and management of the Cathedral in its specific uses (Faith - Cultural Transmission - Administration of material goods), two technical directions are created: the Technical-Administrative Directorate, that the Cabildo entrusts Mr. Joan Pastor Nieto (graduate in Management and Security, and Master in Security) and the Economic-Financial Management, headed by Mr. Rafel Mesquida Oliver (Diploma in Tourism and Postgraduate in Accounting and Financial Management).


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