The documentation preserved by the Archive refers mainly to the liturgy, music, construction, administration and government of the Cathedral. But it is also worth noting that you can also find documentation relating to the civil life of Mallorca, such as books of notarial protocols from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries, information on noble family heirs or varied documentation on estates, farms and places of Mallorca after Conquest and the later centuries. The documents preserved in the Chapter Archive testify to a large part of the history and culture of Mallorca.

Chapter Archive keeps more than 6,000 scrolls and 5,000 handwritten books

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the fund of the Chapter Archive has continued to grow. On the one hand, thanks to internal transfers of new documentation. On the other, by the incorporation of diverse documentary funds, the most important of which is the one of the Brotherhood of San Pedro and San Bernardo, that contains documentation from the 1370 until the present time, and which is in the process of cataloging.

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