History of Chapter Archive

The history of the Archive begins with the construction of the Cathedral and the creation of the Chapter of Canons. Although the Archive is born at the same time as the Chapter created the first document, the regrouping of all manuscripts and scrolls in the same physical space did not occur until 1526. Four years later, Bishop Rodrigo Sánchez del Mercado build some dependencies dedicated specifically for archive.

Currently the Archive is located in the House of l'Almoina, attached to the bell tower, and is one more piece of the gear of the Cathedral

During all these years, the history of the Archive has been linked with both the Cathedral and Mallorca. The fact that it has not suffered major destruction due to external factors (floods, fires, looting ...) makes the number of documents in custody is very high and, in general, that its state of conservation is good.

Jeroni de Mília was the first archivist canon and since then, and almost uninterruptedly, a member of the Chapter has held the position. At present the canon archivist is D. Bartomeu Moll Ribas.

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