News and events

News and events

"Learning" is a magic verb that we must conjugate daily

Feb 08 2019
I am convinced that life is always learning, everywhere and to the end.

The fool, when he can not speak, sick

Jan 28 2019
The fool is usually a compulsive and compulsive chatterbox. Talk to everyone and everything without rhyme or reason and without stopping. And when he can not do it, he falls into deep depression.

Jujol in the Cathedral

Jan 25 2019
The objective of this exhibition is the commemoration of the 140th anniversary of the birth of Josep Maria Jujol, and therefore, to publicize the participation he had in the work of Gaudí in the Cathedral

Mass of Saint Sebastian in the Cathedral

Jan 16 2019
Next Sunday, January 20, the Cathedral of Mallorca celebrates the Mass of San Sebastián, patron of Palma.

Specific seminars on Gregorian chant

Jan 15 2019
Professor Juan Carlos Asensio will give specific seminars on the Gregorian repertoire and the Lenten season at the New Seminary.

Go dead Mn. Llorenç Alcina, penitentiary canon of the Cathedral of Mallorca

Jan 14 2019
On January 13, Mn died. Llorenç Alcina. On Tuesday, January 14th, its funeral is celebrated at 8pm at the Cathedral of Mallorca. The Bishop of Mallorca will preside over the funeral.
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