The Assumption, exhibition of Bed of the Virgin

Jul 31 2018
The Cathedral of Mallorca expounds from August 15 to 22 the Bed of the Virgin Mary on the occasion of the celebration of the Assumption.

Changes in the Chapter File schedule

Jul 12 2018
From July 16 to 27, the Chapter Archives of Mallorca will open from 10'00h to 13'00h, both included.

The Cathedral of Mallorca concert stage organized by La Caixa and the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands

Jul 02 2018
Am Freitag, dem 29. Juni, um 20.30 Uhr fand in der Kathedrale von Mallorca das Mitmachkonzert des Caixa Forums und des Symphonieorchesters der Balearen statt

La Seu celebrates the ordination of Baltasar Morell and Danilo Urzeda

Jun 26 2018
More than 1000 people accompanied Danilo de Urzeda and Baltasar Morell on the day of his ordination as presbyters of the Church of Mallorca.

The ACM celebrates the International Day of the Archives

Jun 11 2018
The Chapter Archive celebrates the International Day of the Archives with two interesting activities, with great public participation.

The summer solstice of the Cathedral

Jun 08 2018
Yesterday, June 21 at 20'15, more than 2,000 people attended the Cathedral of Mallorca to witness the light phenomenon of the Summer Solstice.
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