The Cathedral inaugurates the exhibition "Los tapices flamencos de la Seu" next July 4

Jun 23 2017
After a year of restoration in a workshop in Madrid

The 4 Flemish tapestries of the Royal Chapel will return to the Cathedral in late June

May 30 2017
They belong to the series Nebuchadnezzar, Jacob and Tobias and of the 12 of the set were the ones that were in worse conditions

A part of the Cathedral in Rome

May 04 2017
The two monumental candelabra of the Baroque Chapel Hall of the Cathedral will be part of the first exhibition between the Vatican and the Jewish community of Rome

An unrepeatable photograph of the interior of the Cathedral

Mar 30 2017
This morning diferentes medios de comunicación tenido have the opportunity to subir the chapel of the Holy Trinity Temple to photograph from a unique perspective

The project to recover the chapel of the "Sagrat Cor" de Seu, under review

Mar 29 2017
The incorporation of three stained glass windows dedicated to Ramon Llull aims to revalue the chapel as a place of worship

About 120 people, including doctors and patients, visit the Cathedral tomorrow for the European Day of Narcolepsy

Mar 17 2017
The European Narcolepsy Network is an association that reviews research progresses and assistance as narcolepsy