The cathedral candlesticks come home

Jul 25 2017
The baroque chandeliers of Joan Matons return home after being part of the exhibition "Menorah, Cult, History and Myth" in Rome.

The Cathedral of Mallorca and the Fundación Proyecto Hombre sign their collaboration

Jul 18 2017
The Mallorca Cathedral and the Proyecto Hombre Baleares Foundation have signed this morning a collaboration agreement that will have a validity of four years.

Thank you for a course full of stories

Jun 26 2017
More than 6800 students, from different ages and corners of Mallorca, have visited the Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum this school year 2016-17.

Visit the terraces of the Cathedral and experience a #360 degrees experience

Mar 31 2017
The temple roofs will be open to the public from Monday, April 3 until October 31

An unrepeatable photograph of the interior of the Cathedral

Mar 30 2017
This morning diferentes medios de comunicación tenido have the opportunity to subir the chapel of the Holy Trinity Temple to photograph from a unique perspective

The media are climbing the terraces of the Cathedral, which will be reopened to the public next Monday, April 3

Mar 30 2017
Journalists and workers of the Cathedral, including Mr. Joan Bauzà, president of the Cabildo, met yesterday to visit the temple terraces and review the latest projects of Seu