The historical origins of the Cabildo Catedral de Mallorca can be traced back to the very beginnings of the restoration of the Church in Mallorca. In the year 1240 Pope Gregory IX authorized the first bishop of Mallorca, Ramon de Torrella, to institute the council with canons and dignities.

Since then, the Cathedral Chapter has become the college of priests to which it is appropriate to solemnly celebrate the liturgical cult and fulfill, at the same time, the offices entrusted to it by the Law or by the diocesan Bishop. One of the main functions of the Cabildo is to promote the Cathedral as the seat of the Magisterium of the Bishop, pastor of the Church of Mallorca, and as a sign of the unity in the faith of the Mallorcan believers, and to make the Cathedral the center of the liturgical life of the Diocese because it is the Bishop's church.

Other functions are:

To promote the preaching of the Gospel, entrusted in the first place to the Bishop, who has the Chair, and as his collaborators to exercise the ministry of preaching in accordance with the norms of the Sacred Liturgy.
Make the Cathedral the motherhouse of the Church in Mallorca.
Promote the cultural expression of faith in society and the dialogue between faith and culture, and also the charitable activity.
Offer the Cathedral as Church of ecumenical encounter of the Christians and of the believers of diverse confessions, propitiating the interconfessional celebrations.
Pastorally assist visitors and tourists.
To conserve the cultural patrimony of the Cathedral and the Cabildo, enrich it and present it to the knowledge and esteem of the town.
Administer the assets of the Cathedral and the Town Hall in accordance with the Canon Law and particular of the Diocese of Mallorca.

The Cabildo consists of four sections or areas of work, which are constituted by the canons and beneficiaries who have related trades. The sections are: sacramental and liturgical pastoral, cultural heritage and works, legal and economic affairs, and public relations.

The seal of the Cabildo represents the seated figure of the Virgin with the Child Jesus in her arms, according to the iconography of the shield of the vault of the Baroque Chapter Hall.


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