School visits

The Chapter is well aware of the importance of disseminating and promoting knowledge and appreciaton of our Cathedral’s great religious, cultural, historical and artistic heritage among children and young people, and so it offers a range of school visits to enable educational centres can visit the building and get to know better this great church, the most significant for Majorcans.

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What do the school visits include?

The visits last approximately 1 and a half hours.

They are organised in two time slots 10:00 and the second at 12:00 (although we can adapt the times according to the requirements of each educational centre)

Visits to the Cathedral are completely free. In the case of the Diocese Museum, the visit costs €1 for each student.

We provide complementary materials before and after the visit.

The content of each visit will be adapted depending on the school level.

The maximum number of pupils is 30-35, always accompanied by at least one teacher.



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