What tours are available?

You can check all the routes of the cathedral in the following link.

What are the open hours for tourist visiting?

You can check the general schedule of the tourist visit in the following link. To check the schedule of a specific tour you can consult our tours page.

¿How can I get the tickets?

You can buy tickets online at our online ticket selling point or you can buy it at the desk venue in the Cathedral.

Do I have to do the line?

If you have purchased the ticket online, you can quickly access the Cathedral directly without waiting by going to the fast line access located in the ‘Portal del Mirador’.

Is there a discount?

There are discounts for some kind of group visits, you can obtain more information on group visits here.

You can also benefit from other types of discounts depending on the route of the visit, you can consult all the information at the following link.


What is the opening season and hours?

The opening season of the terraces is in the summer months of the year, you can consult the schedules and extra information about this visit here.

Where can I get the tickets?

Once the purchase of the visit ‘Cathedral of Mallorca + Terraces’ has been opened, you can get the tickets in our online ticket selling point or you can buy them at the desk venue in the Cathedral.

Are there restrictions for the terraces visit?

Due to the characteristics and difficulty of the tour, and for security reasons, access to the visit is limited to:

  • People who do not have cardiorespiratory diseases, vertigo or reduced mobility for reasons of age or health.
  • People over 8 years old. In the case of minors, it is mandatory to prove it by showing the ID. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and there must be at least one adult for each minor.


Can I come with any type of clothing?

As a Catholic church, proper dress is required and the following limitations are established

  • See-through clothing is not permitted.
  • Access is not allowed with tank tops that do not cover the shoulders.
  • It is not allowed to enter with pants and skirts that do not cover, at least, mid thigh.
  • It is not allowed to enter with swimwear.
  • Entry is not allowed with clothing oriented to celebrations of any kind or with ornaments designed to distract or draw attention for artistic, religious, promotional or any other purposes.

Is there a locker service to store bags or suitcases?

The cathedral does not have a left-luggage service, you can leave your bags or suitcases in the MASM.

Are the Cathedral and the MASM adapted for people with reduced mobility?

The visit spaces to the Cathedral and the MASM are accessible to people with reduced mobility, with the exception of the terraces.

Are there wheelchairs?

We do not have wheelchairs for visitors.

Can i come with my pet?

It is only allowed assistance dogs for people with disabilities who need it.

Where can I request more information?

You can contact us through the email [email protected] or through the visitor service telephone number: 971 71 31 33