The Main Organ, located at the high part of the Piety Chapel, is one of the most valuable artworks from the Cathedral of Mallorca. Its construction, in 1484, suppose the beginning of the majorcan school of organ builders. This instrument, of large size, has about 5.000 pipes, four Keyboards and one pedalboard.
A few years ago we detected serious technical problems also structural problems that could affect the setting where it’s located. For those reasons, in 2017 a study was started to contemplate its renovation. This is a complex, expensive and long-lasting project, very urgent and necessary for everything to return to normality.
It should be noted that one of the most important events in La Seu is the International Organ Festival, an essential appointment for music lovers, which brings together recognised organists from different countries. Unfortunately, nowadays only the Choir Organ, located on the altar, can be used.
For all these reasons, the Cathedral Chapter of Mallorca has decided to start this restoration project. You are invited to join us with this cause to save the Organ, either through a financial contribution or as simply as sharing this message with people around you or through your social media profiles.

Pic: Gabriel Lacomba

Help to save the Major Organ from the Cathedral of Mallorca


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Principal: “Cabildo Catedral de Mallorca”

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