Teodor Suau re-elected dean of the Cathedral

02 October 2021

The Cathedral Chapter met this morning to elect a new dean and vice-dean. Teodor Suau will continue at the head of the Chapter of canons who oversee the running of the main church of the diocese.

The Chapter has held a meeting at which Teodor Suau was re-elected as dean. The bishop of Mallorca, Monsignor Sebastià Taltavull, has ratified this election. Suau will remain at the head of the Cathedral Chapter, a position to which he was first appointed four years ago. In the coming years he will have the collaboration and support of the vice-dean, Francesc Ramis.

Teodor Suau was born on 6 June 1947 in Palma and was ordained as a priest on 13 June 1971. A biblical scholar by training, Suau became a canon on 23 December 2002, and he has held the posts in the Chapter of vice-president and prefect of liturgy, as well as director of the Priests’ Residence of Sant Pere i San Bernat.


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On June 24, visiting hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

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